We Love Liquor and We Loooove Cookies...

So we created Bakesale, a 40% ABV Liqueur made from real chocolate chip cookies.

That's right, we bake thousands of pounds of gluten-free, dairy-free chocolate chip cookies and use them to make a liqueur that is as strong as vodka or tequila but taste like cookies!

Bakesale is perfect for shots, dessert martinis, and boozy milkshakes, and we are finding new and exciting ways to enjoy it every day!

Shots on Its Own

Bakesale is delicious right out of the pouch as a shot and is even tastier when chilled, so throw it in the fridge or freezer!

Dessert Martinis

4 parts Bakesale + 1 part the liqueur of your choice makes all kinds of delicious martinis that taste like your favorite desserts. Our Favorites are Peanut Butter Cookie Martinis and Thin Mint Martinis!

Boozy Milkshakes

Blend 1 cup of Ice Cream with 1 shot worth of Bakesale to make the boozy milkshake of your dreams! Vanilla ice cream makes these taste like liquid cookie dough, chocolate ice cream. makes them taste like brownies!

Bakesale, Chocolate Chip Cookie Liqueur

Sold out
An adorable gift box of 12 pouches of our Chocolate Chip Cookie Liqueur, Bakesale.
Each tear-top pouch contains 1.5oz (1 full shot) of Bakesale, a 40% Alcohol Liqueur that tastes like cookies because it is made from real chocolate chip cookies.
Imagine showing up to a party, movie night, housewarming, or bachelorette/bridal party with this boozy box of cookies!!!